Glows and Grows

There were a number of things that went well this semester, and others that were a hot mess. Most fell somewhere in between.

Some Glows:

Students really liked the idea of having a choice about their projects. (That’s not the same as saying they all did their projects.)

Students liked having access to technology on a predictable schedule.

Many students gained considerable confidence in a very short time.

I learned a lot about my students as well as my subject.


Some Grows:

I didn’t do very well at challenging the native speakers and other students who were ready for more of a challenge.

Many of the older students never got on board, despite the opportunity to make a change early on. They just stayed and made the rest of us unhappy.

I didn’t make the best use of the block scheduling.

Not all students participated as much as I would have liked.



Spanish Teaching Resources – April

Spanish Teaching Resources – April

Some things to try out with students…

SmartClass Community

online teaching resources spanish


Spring is coming. We are sharing with you more fresh inspiration for your Spanish class.


Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 17.53.11

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 17.28.05

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 17.51.51

Vocabulary and culture

  • Video with finger puppets about carnivals in Spain. Discuss with your students the carnival topic and the reasons why it is so popular.
    • subtitles optional
    • incographic
    • funny

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 18.12.11


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Mantén calma y habla español

Mantén calma y habla español

¡Felíz navidad!

Es la noche buena.

It’s Christmas Eve, and I start a new semester in 10 days. Time to start thinking about how that will go. The first semester didn’t go so well. There were lots of bumps in the road. Some of them were almost boulders. My objective is to smooth out the bumps and reduce the boulders to gravel. After years teaching students with disabilities, this was my first effort at teaching students a new language.